Sunday, June 6, 2010

While in Ponca City, I visited the Standing Bear Memorial and Museum, went to the property of my former home, and walked the outdoor labyrinth at the Ponca Pow Wow Grounds -- all on the greenspace created by Conoco, Inc when they purchased 400 homes in Ponca City in 1990. Since most of the streets have been filled in now, it is very hard to tell that this was once developed land, but I still was able to locate where my dream home once stood. It was a bittersweet moment. Here is a photo of the outdoor labyrinth -- the circle in the forefront of the picture is the heart stone, a place that you can leave something -- either tangible, or a place to unload your burdens -- as you walk toward and experience the Center. Walking the labyrinth is for me a truly sacred experience, and each time I walk, I come away with a renewed presence of having been in the presence of God.

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