Sunday, June 6, 2010

Then it was off to lunch with my friend Gayle at Chick and Millie's Blue Moon Restaurant -- ribs, baby!

When I first moved to town, I thought the Blue Moon was a bar. Then, I thought it was "Chicken Millie's" Finally, I got it! I have spent many a Friday evening waiting in a line out the door for a seat at this great place. Even for lunch we often had to wait in line. However, it was here that I saw the greatest change that the Conoco/Phillips merger has brought to Ponca City. Few new people are coming to town, people who never left Ponca for other Conoco sites have been forced to move, Conoco is now basically just a refining business in Ponca. All of this was evidenced in the lunch "crowd" at the Blue Moon where there were only about 25 diners between 12 noon and 1:30 pm. I sure hope that Friday nights look like they did in the past.

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