Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Oklahoma, Day 2 continued

I checked out old haunts, wandered over town, ate my way through Tulsa, and generally relaxed today.

Lunch was at Jim's Coney Island -- Talk about a family tradition. We have been eating at Jim's since he was downtown in a little dive with those half-desk school chairs as his only tables. The dogs are on a grill and they are small, with small buns, but they are the best dogs around. I rarely eat Fritos, but I have to have my Fritos to go with this meal. The business has passed from Jim, who passed several years ago, to Jim's son, to Jim's daughter, to Jim's grandson. Not much has changed. The old 12" black and white TV has been replaced by a flat screen -- but still small. I do believe that the plastic table cloths were last changed by Jim. In the picture they look sort of gray -- they are actually black, but most of the color has been worn off from years of use. Hey, that is a minor thing.

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