Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busier with my Cricut

Tri-fold cards, part 4
"Yippee! Another Birthday!"
Another card from A Child's Year cartridge.
The paper is from the Moravian stack by SEI
and is some of the most gorgeous papers I have worked with!

Busy with my Cricut again ...

Tri-fold cards, part 3
I call this one "Sweetness with an Attitude."
Look at that hand on the hip. Gotta love that girl.
This is from A Child's Year Cricut cartridge.

Still busy with my Cricut

Tri-fold cards, part 2
More cards for friends -- a card to encourage
called "popping up" and a card for a 59th anniversary
called, "A Good Mix." Both cards are made with the
"From my Kitchen" cartridge and the SEI Dill Blossom stack.

Busy with my Cricut

Tri-fold cards, part 1. I made this card for a
friend who needed to be "perked up" a bit!
This is made with the "From My Kitchen"
Cricut cartridge and the Dill Blossom paper
stack from S.E.I.

Garden Surprise!

This flower came up seemingly overnight and is so gorgeous!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


We surprised Linda S. and Peanut D. with a joint birthday party! Each thought they were bringing the other to their party. Boy, were they surprised when they each found out they were at their own party! Elvis was in the house for the big event!