Saturday, July 24, 2010

Deja Vue all over again ....

Today, I sit in my hotel room in New Orleans, downing multiple cups of coffee, trying to wake up while I stay glued to the WDSU extended broadcast of Bonnie as she makes her way to the Crescent City. I am reminded of the Saturday before Katrina hit. I was in total denial and made no preparations of any kind: no packing, no preparing of my home, no cleaning out of the fridge. On Sunday morning I was awakened by my neighbors banging on my door and yelling, "This THING is coming right at us!"

Yesterday I walked the labyrinth at Audubon Park. As I walked I thought of my 15 years in New Orleans and I thought of this trip and of re-acquainting myself with the new New Orleans. The last time I walked the labyrinth, it was built into the ground with grasses forming the boundaries and marking the pathways. Now, it is much more permanent and impervious to hurricanes. Perhaps this is a metaphor for me and the coming storm is yet another building block on the way to my complete recovery.

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  1. I cant imagine all the emotions that you go through... But I am truly glad that you are okay!